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Computer assisted anesthesia

The administration of an anesthetic does not need to involve using a traditional needle and syringe. At DENTestetica, we use modern methods of blocking pain, including computer-assisted anesthesia. It is a solution that eliminates the fear of needles, provides comfort and works almost immediately. Excellent for children and for people who are sensitive to pain or suffer from dental phobia.

The American WAND STA® computer-assisted anesthesia system allows performing local anesthesia in almost any type of surgery. A special sensor makes it possible to operate below the human pain threshold, which means that this form of anesthesia is practically painless.

The technique also enables the anesthetization of lower molars without the need to administer block anesthesia. This allows the elimination of the inconvenient and persistent numbness of the face and tongue which lasts for a few hours after the treatment when classical methods of anesthesia are used.

WAND STA® numbs the tooth immediately and enables high degree of control over the process of anesthetization. Thanks to its high efficiency and enthusiastic reception by patients, computer-assisted anesthesia is especially recommended for children, dental phobia sufferers, people who are anxious about going to the dentist and those who are particularly sensitive to pain.

Computer-assisted anesthesia

  • The American WAND STA®
  • quick and efficient method
  • no needles
  • safe for pregnant women
  • suitable for the youngest patients
  • completely painless anesthesia

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