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Dental phobia

Fear of the dentist is no cause for embarrassment. At DENTestetica, we know and understand this problem well, so we have developed a special treatment program for dental phobia sufferers. Qualified doctors, friendly atmosphere, and proper anesthetics and sedatives ensure stress-free and painless dental treatment of any kind.

Dental fear is often an overlooked problem and people who have never experienced it often fail to understand what an obstacle it can be in undergoing even basic dental care.


At DENTestetica we believe that even the greatest fear can be overcome. The dental phobia treatment programme implemented in our clinic has allowed many people to overcome their fears and get a beautiful, healthy smile. The stress-free and friendly atmosphere, as well as the patient and understanding approach are the basis for building mutual doctor-patient trust. The next step is to thoroughly discuss and explain all planned procedures. Our patients are always aware of their treatment plan, they also get detailed information about the possible anesthesia methods and choose the most suitable option together with their doctor.


The treatment itself is performed in comfortable conditions and is carried out by an experienced specialist, always under anesthesia, and if necessary, also using sedation and relaxation methods. In addition, both before and after the visit our patients may count on the assistance and professional service provided by our qualified staff and they may use all the facilities available in our clinic. Together we can change your attitude to the dentist,  help you overcome your fear and make you forget about your bad experiences from the past.

Treatment of dental phobia sufferers

  • individual treatment programme
  • painless anesthesia
  • experienced doctors
  • patience and understanding of the problem
  • stress-free, friendly atmosphere
  • comfortable conditions

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