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Inhalation sedation

In case of patients with contraindications to the classical methods of anesthesia and those who feel highly anxious about undergoing dental procedures, we use inhalation sedation. It is a safe and effective method of sedation and anesthetization, which ensures comfortable treatment of patients, including those suffering from severe anxiety states.

Inhalation sedation consists in administering a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, commonly known as “laughing gas” to the patient. It produces a highly calming and anti-anxiety effect, as well as causes retrograde amnesia – the patient does not remember the dental procedure.

This method is particularly recommended for people suffering from severe anxiety about dental treatment, needle phobia, gag reflex, hyperactivity and nervousness. It is also recommended in case of long-lasting procedures. As it is a very safe method,  inhalation sedation is also used in pediatric patients.

A person subjected to sedation feels pleasantly relaxed and after the procedure their memories resemble a dream. The patient is brought back to the normal state by being administered pure oxygen, which is a quick and simple method. After 30 minutes, the patient regains full consciousness, is able to drive and all symptoms completely subside.


Inhalation sedation

  • sedative and anesthetic method
  • no needles
  • safe for children
  • patient does not remember the treatment

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