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Dental procedures which last many hours and involve surgical intervention require proper relaxation and sedation methods. Sedoanalgesia is a state of keeping the patient in a prolonged state of limited consciousness without subjecting them to general anesthesia, which makes it one of the safest and increasingly popular methods, used also during complicated dental treatments.

At DENTestetica, sedoanalgesia is performed by an anesthetist and consists in intravenous administration of proper medications. The person subjected to sedation remains in the state of general relaxation and calm, feels no fear, and at the same time is fully capable of breathing independently and responds to the doctor’s instructions. After the procedure, the patient does not remember most of it or thinks of it as a dream.

Sedoanalgesia is usually administered in complicated and long-lasting implantations, as well as procedures combined with bone grafting or artificial bone augmentation. Due to its effect, it is popular in treating patients with severe dental phobia and also people with hypertension, which makes it impossible to perform surgical procedures in a safe way.


  • safe and proven method
  • care of an experienced anesthetist
  • calming and relaxing effect
  • modern alternative to general anesthesia
  • recommended for hypertensive patients
  • provides retrograde amnesia

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