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6 Orthodontic Myths

Below we dispel six most popular orthodontic myths and we invite you to consult our orthodontist, Dr. Mateusz Falkowski. Make an appointment today and see how easy it is to get a beautiful, even smile at any age.

1. It’s too late. Sucha treatment can only be done when you are a teenager.

Not true. Invisalign is a method designed for adults with a fully formed bite.

2. It’s not worth wearing braces after 30, because the teeth will return to their previous positions anyway.

Not true. Due to the gradual relocation of teeth and the use of special aligners – also for some time following the completion of treatment –  your smile will remain beautiful and your teeth in place.


3. I would like to have even teeth, but I can’t wear visible braces.

That is why Invisalign was created. Clear orthodontic braces which you can take out at any time – before a meal,  before brushing your teeth or before an important meeting.

4. Teeth get damaged by decay during orthodontic treatment because it is harder to keep them clean.

With Invisalign aligners, you can perform your dental hygiene routine as before. As you remove the trays before each meal, no pieces of food get stuck to your teeth and you can feel confident and comfortable.


5. Treatment at this age takes a very long time.

Everything depends on the defect that needs to be corrected. Some of our patients with mild malocclusions complete the treatment after 7 months.

6. The cost of such treatment is very high.

Not true. It is worth remembering that all Invisalign check-up appointments are completely free of charge and there are no additional costs. In case of treatment using traditional braces, each consultation is usually charged separately, which makes the ultimate price of both treatments very similar.


6 Orthodontic Myths


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