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Invisalign Bride

Are you planning a wedding and dreaming of a wonderful smile? If so, Invisalign Bride is the perfect method for you. Learn how clear Invisalign aligners work and see when you can start the treatment.

Invisalign® Bride - beautiful teeth not only in the wedding photo

They say that a perfect smile is the best accessory to any wedding dress. Planning your special day is a great opportunity to get beautiful and healthy teeth.

Invisible orthodontic allows for an effective and comfortable treatment of most bite defects. Thanks to almost invisible silicone aligners, it is very popular with people who make public appearances and everyone who cares about attractive looks and appreciates discretion. The aligners can be easily removed before meal time, oral hygiene routine, workout or an important event.

At DENTestetica, we specialize in orthodontic treatment using Invisalign®, providing our patients with professional care at every stage of the treatment. We invite you to schedule a consultation at our clinic.

One decision - many benefits

Invisalign is a perfect solution for people who want to correct their bite, but are not willing to give up their freedom or lifestyle. Traditional metal braces can be very inconvenient and are also very noticeable. Metal braces on teeth during an important meeting, a public appearance or your own wedding? We perfectly understand that it is difficult to imagine.

Invisible alternative

Should you postpone planning you wedding by many months for the sake of your orthodontic treatment? Definitely not. Invisalign is a modern, effective and recognized treatment method based on custom-made silicone, transparent aligners.

Every two weeks you get a new set of aligners – adjusted to the degree of the correction of your bite defect. Your silicone mouth trays are almost invisible to others, and most importantly, you can easily take them out for meal time, oral hygiene routine, and most importantly, for your big day.

Want to know more about Invisalign Bride?

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