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Orthodontic Treatment at Dentestetica

Thinking of scheduling an appointment with an orthodontist? At Dentestetica, we offer comprehensive orthodontic care, 3D simulations of new teeth, treatment of occlusal defects with Invisalign clear braces, as well as a wide range of information and materials. We will provide you with the best possible care.

Why Dentestetica?

Years of experience, excellent professionals from all fields of dentistry, friendly atmosphere and understanding our patients’ needs. Our clinic is not just an ordinary dental practice. This is a place for you and your needs – friendly, open and unique.

We listen to our patients and talk about their needs and expectations. We advise the best solutions and present all available options. Your smile is our top priority. We believe that there is no tooth that cannot be saved. Our motto? It is never too late for a beautiful smile and healthy teeth.


Our orthodontist

Dr. Mateusz Falkowski, Phd,  is an outstanding and experienced orthodontist who treats adult and adolescent patients at our clinic. He is an expert in the Invisalign method, as well as a true artist, passionate about his profession.

Patients value him for his excellent communication skills, trustworthiness and, most importantly, for incredible results. No two medical cases are identical and that is why Dr. Falkowski regards the patients’ comfort and individual approach as his top priorities. This makes him a renowned consultant who successfully cooperates with specialists in other fields of dentistry. That is why you can be sure that at Dentestetica you and your teeth will be provided with the best possible care.

Invisible orthodontics

Are you thinking of undergoing an orthodontic treatment but your work, lifestyle and plans prevent you from wearing visible braces on your teeth?

Discover Invisalign, a modern American method of treating bite defects with clear, customized aligners which can be easily removed at meal time, while brushing teeth, and before important meetings or events.


Piękny uśmiech dzięki ortodoncji

Invisalign aligners

This is an excellent solution for athletes, people making public appearances or holding prominent positions, and for anyone who values independence and their own, individual lifestyle.

  • invisible aligners made of thermosetting silicone
  • comfortable and personalized
  • easy to take off at meal time or before an important event
  • easy hygiene and maintenance
  • great effects in patients of all ages
  • comfort and confidence
  • most people will not realize that you are wearing dental braces


How does it work? Invisalign orthodontic treatment step by step

  1. An appointment and consultation with our orthodontist. You talk about your expectations, the doctor examines your teeth and discusses the proposal, options and stages of treatment in detail. No question will remain unanswered.


  1. 3D New Bite Simulation. Invisalign is the only method of orthodontic treatment that allows you to see prior to the start of treatment what your teeth will look like once the treatment is over. You can see and plan everything carefully with your doctor.


  1. Mold and individual aligners. Once you have decided to start the treatment, we make an impression of your teeth which serves as a model to create a set of individual Invisalign aligners. You wear one set for about 2 weeks, then you replace it with another one.


  1. You do it on your own terms. You wear the aligners without having to change your plans. Your teeth become perfect day by day, inch by inch, and you do exactly what you have planned. Appointments with the orthodontist? A consultation every 6 weeks is enough.


  1. Guaranteed efficiency. Another advantage of Invisalign is that it is sure to provide great results. What you see on the simulation prior to the start of treatment will ultimately be your wonderful smile. Is this not great news?


Cost of treatment

Wondering about the cost of the Invisalign treatment? It all depends on the character and severity of your defect, the required adjustment and the duration of treatment.

In each case, you get a complete and comprehensive calculation of the treatment cost that will not change. The set of aligners and all orthodontic appointments are included in the price, and there are no extra costs.

Considering that in the case of metal or ceramic braces, the duration of treatment is often longer than predicted and each appointment with the orthodontist is charged extra, the costs of Invisalign are comparable to those of the treatment using a “traditional orthodontic device”.

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You can also contact us directly and schedule an appointment with our orthodontist at +48 887 05 05 01.


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