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Braces for sport lovers

An active lifestyle is often associated with lots of sacrifices and difficult choices. However, nothing comes close to satisfaction with another victory or simply the joy of a good workout. Does being active and practicing sports prevent you from wearing dental braces? See which solution will be the best for you and your lifestyle.

No restrictions

You don’t want to give up on training sessions and competitions, but you dream of beautiful, even teeth? We have good news for all those who feel in their element when staying active. Modern Invisalign aligners allow practicing all types of sport without any restrictions, from the first day of treatment.

It doesn’t matter if you practice boxing, do martial arts, dive, climb, practice ballet, skateboard or do  other sports disciplines. Invisalign never limits your activity or forces you to change your plans. You live and train the way you like it best.

Discover the possibilities of modern orthodontics

No more braces that may get damaged during training or injure the person who wears them. Silicone Invisalign aligners provide extra security and protection for your teeth and, most importantly, you can easily take them out before important meetings or other occasions.

Active and healthy – just the way you like it

If you love sports and work hard to stay in shape, you know that a healthy, well-functioning body matters just as much as good looks.  Healthy, even teeth affect not only the aesthetic appearance but also many aspects of health. Untreated bite defects may cause – and often do cause – problems with the teeth, gums, bones and joints, migraine headaches, worse diction and many more. That is why it is advisable to start the treatment at any age.

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