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Hollwood smile for everyone

First meeting, first impression, first smile. A beautiful smile and even, white teeth are not reserved only for some people. At Dentestetica, thanks to our comprehensive approach to our patients’ needs, we provide both orthodontic and dental treatment, as well as prosthetic treatments, all supported by aesthetic medicine.

Look beautiful, feel great

Enjoying little moments, things that make us smile and even crying tears of emotion. Many people are afraid of speaking in public, taking part in social gatherings, meeting new people, laughing and even talking to others. All because of a bite defect, an imperfect smile and the belief that there is little they can do about it.

At Dentestetica, we always place special emphasis on the comfort and well-being of our patients. That is why already during their very first visit we try to create the best possible atmosphere, talk about all their needs and expectations, and later provide them with a treatment at the highest international level. We do all this to make sure your smile will never be a source of concern again.

Say “yes”

You want to find a new job, you’re planning a wedding or you have just experienced a major change in your life? It doesn’t matter what your reasons are and why you have contacted our clinic. It is important that you have finally decided to start the treatment and you will ultimately get yourself a beautiful, healthy and delightful smile.

A beautiful smile is an effective way to get rid of complexes, gain self-confidence and take on new challenges. Treatment of bite defects also has a very important health aspect – healthy gums, bones and joints, no headaches, good diction. All you need to do is make a decision and schedule an appointment with our orthodontist. We will take care of the rest. Thanks to us, you will never need to worry about this particular problem ever again.

Braces that no one can see

Are you worried about long treatment and unattractive braces on your teeth? Invisalign aligner trays are made of transparent, thermosetting silicone, making them almost completely invisible to other people.

In addition, you can take them off for important meetings or other occasions without having to visit the orthodontist’s office. You teeth look better and better each day and you don’t have to change your plans whatsoever.

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You can also contact us directly and schedule an appointment with our orthodontist at +48 887 05 05 01.


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