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Orthodontics below 25

Dental braces before your 25th birthday? It’s perfect time to take care of your bite defect and enjoy even teeth and a beautiful smile for years to come. At Dentestetica, we offer a consultation and comprehensive treatment of common bite defects, as well as very complicated cases.

Give yourself a treat

Are you less than 25 years old and always on the go? We understand that perfectly. Study, work, travels, meeting with friends, partying till dawn, a marathon run or dinner at that new Thai restaurant. Spontaneous decisions and deliberate moves. Is it a good time to visit an orthodontist and start wearing braces?

Orthodontics at Dentestetica

At the Dentestetica dental clinic, we approach each patient individually. Dental and orthodontic treatment often means more than correcting a malocclusion. It also involves understanding the needs and lifestyle of the patient who has put their trust in us, adjusting to their rhythm of life, making them feel good about themselves, enhancing their self-confidence and opening them to new opportunities.

That is why the first appointment always consist of a detailed interview, a dental consultation, often with several doctors of different specialties, and working out the best treatment plan together.

Once you have decided to start the treatment, we will take an impression of your teeth that will serve as a model to prepare a set of customized Invisalign aligners. During the entire treatment, you will keep replacing an old set of aligners with a new one on your own every two weeks.

Why wearing orthodontic braces is a good idea?

A beautiful smile with even teeth is just one of the benefits of an orthodontic treatment. Correct bite influences the health of teeth, gums and the entire periodontium, as well as bones and joints. It can often help improve diction and speech, as well as achieve and maintain proper weight.

Will I have to change my lifestyle?

Modern orthodontics tries to minimize its effect on the everyday life of the patient. Made of special thermosetting silicone, the aligners are almost invisible and can be taken out before meals, tooth-brushing, as well as before an important meeting, sport or other occasions.

• Convenience, comfort and freedom

• No visible dental braces

• No need to make any sacrifices

• You can remove the aligners by yourself

• No need to visit the orthodontist more often than once every 6 weeks

Day by day, Invisalign aligners improve your bite and bring you closer to your perfect smile. And you don’t feel any discomfort in your life.

Who is it for?

• For young, active people who care about attractive appearance

• No compromises or restrictions, live the way you want, always to the fullest

• Aesthetic, invisible and functional modern orthodontic solution

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You can also contact us directly and schedule an appointment with our orthodontist at +48 887 05 05 01.


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