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Visit left very good impressions. I was impressed the most by the equipment and the modern look of the dentist’s office.
Mary, 15.08.2014
Excellent approach to children. My son, who used to throw a tantrum at the sight of any white scrubs, now enjoys going the dentist and brushing his teeth. My wife and I are really, really impressed.
Kamil, 17.06.2014
This is not a dental surgery, it’s a SPA resort. I didn’t expect to leave the dentist’s office so relaxed.
Danuta, 15.07.2013
No doctor wanted to treat my tooth. I always heard it was a complicated case, the office didn’t have appropriate equipment, the dentist was not experienced enough, etc. Feeling totally resigned, I made an appointment at DENTestetica to discuss the removal of the tooth and getting an implant. It was a good decision, because it turned out that the doctors were able to save the tooth. I ended up having a root canal and a crown. I definitely found 'my dentist'.
Teresa, 22.03.2013
The methods of anesthesia are excellent. If you feel super stressed, I recommend laughing gas. :-)
Mirek, 4.12.2012
Some time ago, I lost one of my fourth teeth after treatment in another dental office. I was devastated because I had just started planning my wedding, and the gap left by the missing tooth could be seen when I smiled. A friend recommended DENTestetica and I decided to get an implant there. I was very scared of the surgery, complications, pain, etc. I did not think that everything would go so well - the procedure went smoothly and painlessly, and the healing went well. The staff at DENTestetica were always available whenever I wanted to ask about something, I was regularly informed about the subsequent stages of my treatment and the appointment dates. The entire treatment was completed before the wedding, and, in addition, I also had my teeth whitened. I am very happy and grateful for the help I got from this dental clinic.
Katarzyna, 20.10.2012


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