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X-Rays and CT Scans


The radiology lab at DENtestetica uses state-of-the-art GXDP-700S panoramic radiograph by the American company Gendex. This device performs the highest quality panoramic images of teeth, CT and micro-CT scans. In addition, the radiology lab uses the RTG Expert DC machine and the GXS-700 Digital Radiography System (RVG) for periapical X-rays.

Pictures taken in our radiology lab guarantee the highest image quality at the smallest radiation dose.


The so-called panorama is the basic image used for diagnosis in dental treatment. The special design of the device used at DENTestetica guarantees that the radiation dose is minimal. In addition, the device has a special reduced radiation programme for children. Panoramic images of teeth taken in the laboratory at DENTestetica Kraków are of very high quality. The results are available immediately and the patient may receive them either in print or on a CD.

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RTG panoramiczne zębów DENTestetica Kraków



Another standard in dental diagnostics and treatment are periapical  X-rays. Expert DC digital unit and GXS-700 digital radiography system by the American company Gendex produce high quality images of single teeth. This type of X-ray is mainly performed for conservative and endodontic (root canal) treatment.

Periapical X-rays can be taken without a referral.

DENTestetica Kraków RTG zębów



Computer tomography examination produces three-dimensional images of the upper jaw and mandible in order to assess their condition. CT scans are usually used before implantation and bone regeneration. Computed tomography is a completely painless and non-invasive examination. The result is available within a few minutes.

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Micro-CT imaging may be considered as a three-dimensional equivalent of periapical X-ray. It is most often used during complicated endodontic treatment (root canal treatment).

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