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Price List

Prior to starting treatment, each patient receives a detailed treatment plan that contains a thorough description of all the procedures, the calculation of costs broken down into individual treatment stages and a time schedule. It is the patient who decides which part of the proposed treatment plan will be implemented.

Digital intraoral X-ray100 PLN
Periapical X-ray (result on a CD and/or in print)42 PLN
Periapical X-ray (result on a CD and/or in print)100 PLN
Micro-CT scan (result on a CD)102 PLN
CT scan of 1 dental arch (result on a CD)364 PLN
CT scan package - 2 dental arches (result on a CD)430 PLN
Medical consultation172 PLN
Traditional infiltration or block anesthesia50 PLN
WAND STA computer-assisted anesthesia 65 PLN
Inhalation sedation with nitrous oxidefrom 600 PLN
Intravenous sedationfrom 1400 PLN
General anesthesiafrom 1700 PLN
Scaling and sandblasting
Scaling and sandblastingfrom 320 PLN
Scalingfrom 270 PLN
Sandblastingfrom 270 PLN
Scaling, sandblasting, polishing and fluoridationfrom 375 PLN
Tres White disposable universal trays (includes 10 disposable trays)540 PLN
Customized trays (includes trays for 2 dental arches and 4 whitening gel syringes)860 PLN
Beyond POLUS1 100 PLN
Prevdent2 200 PLN
Conservative dentistry
Light-cure composite filling of permanent toothfrom 275 PLN
Fluoridation135 PLN
Fluoride varnishing / Cavity treatment with silver nitrate25 - 205 PLN
Sealing135 PLN
Light-cure composite or compomer filling for milk teeth260 PLN
Glass-ionomer filling for milk teeth200 PLN
Root canal treatment of milk teethfrom 280 PLN
Primary endodontic treatmentfrom 695 PLN
Secondary endodontic treatmentfrom 1 030 PLN
Removal of a broken dental tool or a crown and root inlay from root canalfrom 235 PLN
Closed curettage from 250 PLN
Peri-surgical treatment of furcation or gingival pocketsfrom 1 500 PLN
Peri-surgical removal of gum fragmentfrom 149 PLN
Transplantation of mucosafrom 2 000 PLN
Perio-surgical lengthening of clinical tooth crown (per 1 tooth)from 900 PLN
Tooth reconstruction with fiberglass and composite crown and root inlay from 390 PLN
Tooth reconstruction with metal crown and root inlay from 1 205 PLN
Prosthetic crown or crown in the bridge (metal crown veneered with ceramics)from 1 205 PLN
Metal ceramic-veneered prosthetic crown for dental implant from 1 770 PLN
Non-metal all-ceramic prosthetic crownfrom 2 250 PLN
Non-metal all-ceramic prosthetic crown from zirconium oxidefrom 2 400 PLN
Ceramic INLAYfrom 1 250 PLN
Ceramic veneerfrom 1 800 PLN
Frame denture from 3 300 PLN
Acrylic denture - 10 or more teethfrom 2 200 PLN
Milk tooth extractionfrom 200 PLN
Permanent tooth extractionfrom 300 PLN
Surgical extraction of any toothfrom 725 PLN
Root apex resectionfrom 1 550 PLN
Corrective treatment of soft tissues, e.g. frenulumfrom 225 PLN
SGS Systems (Swiss Implant Systems) implantationfrom 2 800 PLN
Ossetem TSIII implantationfrom 3 850 PLN
Titanium implant abutmentfrom 785 PLN
Bone augmentationfrom 1 205 PLN
Maxillary sinus floor augmentationfrom 1 350 PLN
Bone autograft in the form of a bone blockfrom 3 199 PLN
Making a bone blockfrom 1 205 PLN
Aesthetic medicine
Lip augmentation from 1200 PLN
Filling of nasolabial linesfrom 1200 PLN
Filling of marionette linesfrom 1200 PLN
Removal of smoker’s wrinklesfrom 600 PLN
Volumetric treatment of cheeksfrom 1000 PLN
Deep moisturization and "texture" skin treatmentfrom 2500 PLN
Smoothing of forehead lines and crow’s feetfrom 450 PLN

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