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Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Krakow

Selected aesthetic medicine procedures that will improve the appearance
of your face and mouth, and will emphasize your new, beautiful smile,
is now available at Dentestetica Dental Clinic in Kraków.
Learn more and see the results.

Beautiful smile, tempting lips, no wrinkles

When you make a decision to have the missing teeth restored or to undergo an orthodontic treatment, you want your new look to be absolutely stunning. Along with improving the appearance of the smile, it is also worth taking care of the surrounding area, i.e. the mouth and the skin of face.

The comprehensive approach of our experts has resulted in the cooperation with Dr. Karolina Kuśnierz, an excellent dentist and experienced expert in aesthetic medicine, with special focus on procedures of the lips and the surrounding area.

As a result, during or after the dental treatment, the patient can undergo selected aesthetic medicine procedures, such as:

  • lip augmentation
  • lip contour enhancement
  • lip colour enhancement
  • smoothing of “smoker’s wrinkles”
  • cheek remodelling
  • filling of nasolabial lines
  • filling of marionette lines
  • restoration of natural facial contours
  • elimination of sagging cheeks (“hamster pouches”)
  • facial skin biorevitalization

Non-invasive, painless procedure – all during a single visit. Call 887 05 05 01 or email us at biuro@dentestetica.pl. Learn more and schedule a free consultation.


It takes just one procedure to enjoy a new, wonderful look. Aesthetic medicine procedures performed at Dentestetica bring the following results:

• well-rested, refreshed and tighter skin of the face

• fuller, natural looking juicy lips

• no more deep lines or fine wrinkles

• younger and more attractive appearance

• boosted self-confidence and self-esteem

• awareness of your attractive looks


Who is it for?

Consultations with our specialist are available to all those interested in the possibilities offered by modern aesthetic medicine and in getting a fresh and natural look. Our patients do not need to search for other cosmetic clinics to schedule separate appointments and discuss treatments or prices there. At Dentestetica, we will take care of you and your smile in a fast, professional and comprehensive way.

Especially recommended for:

 people who suffer from lip asymmetry, e.g. when one lip protrudes compared to the other

• people who have completed orthodontic treatment or underwent teeth restoration

• people with parched lips, smoker’s wrinkles or first signs of skin ageing


Preparations we use

Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally found in the human body. It acts like glue for collagen fibers, providing skin with elasticity and hydration. The amount of collagen naturally decreases with age, resulting in first wrinkles, sagging skin and less firm facial contours. Thanks to gentle hyaluronic acid-based fillers, it is possible remove the imperfections in a safe, easy and painless way in order to restore the youthful appearance of the skin.

Find out more

Karolina Kuśnierz, DDS

Dentist and aesthetic medicine specialist.

Dr. Kuśnierz completed a series of certified training courses organized by the Italian Facial Aesthetics Institute, approved by ANDI (Italian Association of Dentists) and POIESIS (Perioral and Oral Integrated Esthetic Sciences International Society).

As a Stomygen coach, she conducts aesthetic medicine training courses for dentists. She likes her job, establishes great rapport with patients and says that “positive reactions and sometimes tears of emotion” are her biggest reward and motivation.


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