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Bone regeneration

Natural bone loss in the oral cavity is a common occurrence, e.g. accompanying long-term dentition deficiencies. At DENTestetica, we successfully perform bone regeneration procedures that allow implant treatment and complete reconstruction of the dentition.

Guided bone regeneration

Tooth loss which occurred a long time ago or due to inflammatory lesions often causes bone damage or bone loss. Bone loss is an obstacle to placing dental implants as implantation requires approximately 10 mm of natural bone. This is a problem that affects many patients, usually in the upper jaw near maxillary sinuses located near the fifth posterior teeth. However, bone loss does not make the treatment entirely impossible.

Thanks to the latest bone-forming materials and special surgical techniques, it is now possible to reproduce the lost bones. Guided Bone Regeneration consists in introducing special bone-forming material and/or grafting the patient’s own bone from another location.

The treatment is completely painless and the material is obtained using an ultrasound device. It is possible to carry out the procedure separately or during implantation. The healing period lasts from 4 to 6 months, depending on individual predispositions. After its completion, the missing teeth can be restored by inserting implants.


sterowana odbudowa kosci

Maxillary sinus floor augmentation

A particular type of bone reconstruction is maxillary sinus floor augmentation. It is necessary, if the patient has too little own bone in the lateral sections of the upper jaw. At DENTestetica, we have a specialized set of equipment and instruments for atraumatic augmentation of maxillary sinus floor.

The treatment can be carried out using the classical or the closed sinus lift method. In the latter case, it is performed with an ultrasonic knife and the so-called balloon (VarioSurg NSK system and CAS-KIT OSSTEM). As a result, there is no need to drill deeply in the sinus and the healing period following the surgery is considerably shorter.


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