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Conservative dentistry

Basic dental care, sometimes referred to as conservative dentistry, means any kind of treatment that seeks to preserve natural, healthy and strong teeth. Thanks to fast and professional action, a healthy and beautiful smile never leaves our patients.

Dental treatment at DENTesetetica

At the DENTestetica dental clinic, we place great focus on conservative dentistry, also in relation to our youngest patients. The natural properties of the teeth, preserved as long as possible by appropriate treatment, are the best barrier to oral diseases, including dental caries. Therefore, our priority is to always protect and maintain our patients’ natural dentition.

Conservative dentistry

Treatment of dental caries

Conservative dental treatment is always preceded by thorough diagnostics, tailored to the individual needs of the patient, and the assessment of the condition of teeth and existing cavities. All treatments are performed using state-of-the-art, certified dental materials of the highest quality.

When filling the teeth, we do not only care about durability of the fillings, but we also carefully choose their colour to match it with that of the patient’s enamel. This makes the fillings completely invisible and looking like natural teeth.

In search of ultimate comfort

Painless treatment is a standard we consider one of our guiding principles at DENTestetica. Friendly and stress-free atmosphere, computer-assisted local anesthesia systems and a wide range of different types of sedation guarantee that visiting our clinic is always a positive experience.


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