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Dentel surgery

Dental surgery allows performing a variety of medical activities which are independent treatments or prepare the patient for further procedures. At DENTestetica, we guarantee professional care of specialists and painless course of all procedures, from wisdom tooth extraction to bone reconstruction or dental implantation.

Surgical procedures performed at DENTestetica

Chirurgia stomatologiczna to coś więcej niż tylko usuwanie zębów

  • tooth extraction
  • surgical extraction of impacted teeth
  • wisdom tooth extraction
  • tooth root resection
  • removal of cysts
  • soft tissue and bone tissue repair prior to prosthetic and implant treatment
  • dental implantation
  • bone reconstruction

All surgical procedures at DENTestetica are performed by doctors with second degree specialization, having many years of experience. Thanks to state-of-the-art anesthesia techniques, as well as intravenous and inhalation sedation methods, we provide you with a comfortable and painless treatment.

Dental surgery under sedation

Practically all dental procedures, including surgery, can be performed with patients put under so-called intravenous sedation. The sedation is performed by an experienced anesthetist who puts the patient into a sleep-like state. After the procedure, the patient does not remember its course. Intravenous sedation is particularly recommended for long-term surgical procedures (e.g. implantation, sinus augmentation) and in hypertensive or dentophobic patients. Intravenous sedation significantly increases patient’s comfort and prevents stress during more complex procedures.

Tooth removal or extraction under sedation

Tooth extraction, commonly known as the “pulling out” of teeth, is by far the least pleasant procedure in dental surgery. However, it is sometimes necessary. To increase patients’ comfort and spare them the unpleasant experience, we offer the possibility of undergoing tooth extraction under the so-called intravenous sedation. Anesthetist puts the patient into a sleep-like state. Intravenous sedation is particularly recommended in cases requiring the removal of several teeth during a single session, in wisdom tooth extraction or for dental phobia sufferers.

Wisdom tooth extraction

The length and course of wisdom tooth extraction depends to a large extent on whether wisdom teeth are fully visible or not. After more complicated extractions (when wisdom teeth are not visible in full), swelling may appear on the face. The treatment itself is not pleasant, but it can be performed painlessly. To further reduce the stress occurring during surgery, inhalation sedation (laughing gas) or intravenous sedation (sedoanalgesia) may be used.

You are in good hands – dental surgeon

DENTestetica is a team of highly qualified specialists, including dental surgeons. Our doctors’ long years of experience guarantee the highest quality of services and proper care. Surgical procedures are usually the longest and the least pleasant ones, so the doctor’s right approach to the patient is just as important as his or her professional qualifications. Friendly atmosphere helps to relieve stress before and during the treatment, and significantly improves its course.


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