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Dentestetica Smile Design

What will your new smile look like? Dentestetica Smile Design is our innovative program that allows us to create a complete visualization of the appearance of your new teeth and adjust the created model to the shape of your face, as well as to match it with your individual preferences and expectations. Your new smile will be exactly as you have imagined it.

Aesthetic dentistry procedures can completely change the appearance and create a brand new image of a person. A Smile Design consultation gives you an opportunity to see your future smile before starting proper treatment, without any invasive procedures.



Stage 1

Smile planning consists of two steps. The first meeting always involves discussing the patient’s expectations. Since there are many smile correction options, it is important to understand which ones are best for each individual patient. We then make a series of photos outside and inside the patient’s mouth in our photo lab. They will be used to design the new smile.

The consultation includes:

  • A thorough interview with the patient to determine their expectations and reasons for their dissatisfaction with the current appearance of the teeth
  • Examination of the teeth in the dentist’s office and taking a digital panoramic picture
  • Taking photos of the face and teeth and recording facial movements
  • Preparing a presentation for the patient with a computer analysis of the smile, which will allow identifying elements that need improvement and simulating the future shape and length of teeth in relation to facial features

Performing diagnostic dental impressions for the dental laboratory where mockups will be prepared based on the computer analysis. In the next stage, they will enable a fully reversible “fitting” of the new smile without any invasive dental procedures.


Cost of consultation: 250 PLN. Duration: approx. 1.5 h


smile design

Stage 2

The second meeting involves the fitting of laboratory-made mockups, making modifications, taking photos of the patient wearing the mockups, as well as the presentation of opinions and consultations with our specialists. If you are ready to make a decision regarding the treatment, we also present a detailed schedule and a detailed cost calculation.

Consultation includes:

  • The fitting of mock-ups prepared in the dental lab. The veneers are mounted on the teeth in a fully reversible manner. They are made of material that can be modified in the oral cavity, which allows making any necessary changes in the shape and appearance, in consultation with the patient.
  • Another photo session with mockups, allowing the evaluation of their appearance in photos and on video.
  • The presentation of the results of consultation with our specialists (e.g. periodontologist, prosthetist and implantologist)
  • The presentation of a detailed treatment plan and the calculation of costs
  • Talking to the patient and answering their questions about the proposed treatment and possible alternatives
  • If the patient accepts the treatment plan, the mockups prepared in the laboratory are used to make provisional restorations to be worn by the patient during the transition period. This gives the patient full comfort and allows them to get used to the new shape and appearance of the teeth.


smile design 2



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