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Pediatric dentistry

We know how stressful a visit at the dentist can be for children and their parents. That is why at DENTestetica Kraków, the youngest patients can always count on a special approach and our staff will do their best to make the dentist’s office a friendly place for them.

Child at the dentist

Your child’s first visit to the dentist should be made shortly after the appearance of the first milk teeth, usually between the first and second year of age. This is a great opportunity to make the toddler acquainted with the office and the doctor, and to give parents practical advice and guidance on the proper care of teeth and gums.

As the comfort of patients of all ages is extremely important to us, we have created a special dental treatment room for children in our clinic. We have also implemented procedures that ensure a safe, peaceful and stress-free visit. The friendly atmosphere, the toy corner, colourful fillings, and specially trained personnel are our proven recipe for success.

A new standard of treatment

CAMBRA (Caries Management by Risk Assessment) or assessment of the individual risk of caries development. It’s a tool created by researchers at the University of San Francisco in San Francisco, which has already become a standard treatment for children.

It consists in the doctor and parents completing a special questionnaire, which will firstly assess the risk of caries in a small patient, and also apply appropriate prophylaxis and preventive measures.

Evidently better results

What affects the teeth condition? As it turns out, a lot of factors. Hence, the doctor records whether parents have caries, whether the child takes care at home for teeth, whether he takes medicine, bottle, soother, what water he uses, etc.

After collecting this information, a classic review of the child’s teeth, X-ray, microbiological examination and setting up a treatment plan or follow-up visits follows. Thanks to the data collected from CAMBRA, the accuracy of such a plan will be much higher than in the case of standard dental reviews made for children aged 0-5.

In addition to the treatment plan, parents receive accurate recommendations tailored to the test results and a diagram of individual treatment. This scheme will take into account information from parents about how much time and commitment they will be able to devote to dental care (which part of the procedure will be taken over by the office and what part will be carried out by the parent).

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