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Teeth whitening with Beyond Polus

A bright white smile is a worldwide symbol of health, well-being and attractive appearance. Even very white teeth become darker and discoloured with age Teeth whitening is a wonderful, quick and painless way to have a beautiful smile at any age.

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Metoda Beyond Polus jest jedną z najpopularniejszych metod wybielania zębów

Beyond Polus is one of the most popular teeth whitening methods. Teeth whitening not only makes the teeth brighter, but also removes discolourations that are caused by many factors. Diet, medications, coffee and cigarettes – they all affect the enamel of our teeth. Thanks to the teeth whitening treatment, it is possible to significantly reduce the problem and achieve impressive results. At DENTestetica, we whiten teeth using the modern BEYOND POLUS method.

JAlready during a single treatment, which lasts about one hour, teeth can become 7 shades lighter. Depending on the post-treatment dental care, the effect lasts from 2 to 3 years. The BEYOND POLUS system is completely safe and allows teeth whitening also in patients with sensitive teeth. The final effect depends mainly on the mineral composition of the enamel and stabilizes approximately within a week after the procedure. After this time, it is possible to replace fillings, crowns and other prosthetic structures that do not lighten with whitening and are located in the teeth that show when you smile.


Teeth whitening at DENTestetica

Teeth whitening procedure is carried out by a certified dental hygienist under the supervision of a dentist and consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Teeth whitening procedure is carried out by a certified dental hygienist under the supervision of a dentist and consists of the following steps:

Step 2: Preparing the patient for the treatment by placing a mouth guard protecting mouth and gums.

Step 3: Applying whitening gel to teeth that show in a smile.

Step 4: Exposing the patient to the BEYOND POLUS lamp.

Step 5: Normally, teeth whitening procedure involves three exposures, but after each of them we check with you whether the effect achieved is satisfactory.

Step 6: Finally, we check the new colour of the teeth and evaluate the treatment results.

Home teeth whitening methods (toothpastes, whitening strips) vs Beyond Polus

Everyone dreams of a beautiful white smile. Various whitening remedies, different types of home methods, such as strips or gels, can improve the colour of the teeth, but their long-lasting, uncontrolled use can damage teeth and gums. The Beyond Polus teeth whitening procedure is performed by a qualified dental hygienist, always following a consultation with a physician. With Beyond Polus, you can achieve a whitening effect of up to 7-8 shades while preserving the safety of your teeth at the same time.

Beyond Polus Teeth Whitening - FAQs

Is teeth whitening painful? How long does the effect last? How long before the wedding should I whiten my teeth? Do I have to prepare for the procedure in any special way? Below is a short and reliable guide to Beyond Polus teeth whitening created by our experts.


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Does teeth whitening hurt?

What are the contraindications to teeth whitening?

How white will my teeth become and how long will the effect last?

Does teeth whitening require special preparation?

Will the fillings / crowns / veneers / “non-vital” teeth become brighter?

Should possible missing teeth be restored and cavities filled prior to teeth whitening?

What food should I eat after teeth whitening?

Should I brush my teeth with a special paste after the whitening treatment?

Teeth whitening and dental braces

Teeth whitening before a wedding or another important occasion

What is the difference between whitening treatments performed in beauty salons and those at DENTestetica?

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