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Sometimes a patient leaves the dentist office having doubts. They may be general doubts or specific questions regarding a particular treatment or procedure. Below we present answers to the most common questions heard from our patients. You are welcome to contact our Patient Service Centre staff who will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Is there somewhere I can safely park my car near your clinic?

Can I eat and drink before my dental appointment?

Is there Internet access at DENTestetica?

Can I have a dental X-ray taken at Dentestetica?

Which forms of payment are accepted at DENTestetica?

Do I need a referral for an X-ray?

Are all dental procedures performed at DENTestetica?

Do I have to bring the medical documentation from my previous dentist for my first appointment at DENTestetica?

Can I undergo teeth whitening if my teeth are sensitive?

I'm pregnant and my tooth hurts. What should I do?

Do you perform procedures under general anesthesia?

Does DENTestetica offer dental treatment for children?

Can I make an advance payment for my dental treatment?

If I don’t accept the proposed treatment plan, will I still have to pay for it?

Will I know the total cost of my treatment before starting it?

Can I eat and drink before a procedure that requires sedation?


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